Canaan Care Centre for Children

Canaan Care Centre

Canaan Care Centre

Takara Wellness Centre supports the Canaan Care Centre by interacting with the children once a month. The Therapist concentrate on touch and tactile involvement.

Last year we hosted a Christmas party for the children which was a great success; It was enjoyed by all and the children were truly blessed.

Takara Wellness Centre bought and delivered a Christmas gift to each child  at Canaan Care Centre for Children this year!

Canaan Care Centre is a non-profit organisation providing care for persons with profound mental and physical disabilities. The people currently in our care have varying degrees of mental and physical disabilities. We try to meet their needs on an individual basis. Apart from providing nutritious meals each day we also provide various forms of therapy, depending on each persons needs.

Our children require a high level of care and the large majority of them are in diapers and require feeding or assistance with feeding. Most of them are immobile or partially mobile and are unable to communicate via speech.

The financial burden to families caring for these children is huge. We would value your support in helping us to be THE VOICE, THE HANDS AND THE FEET of those in our care.

Please download our Canaan Care Centre Brochure.