OPI Gel Nails

At Takara we use OPI gel colour.

OPI gel is new gel technology with a new generation of gel polymer chemistry. You get the same look of nail polish but with the strength of gel. It is also all about healthy nails.

There is no filing when prepping the nails and no filing when removing the OPI gel. The OPI gel will be removed with the OPI Expert Touch Remover. This product does in fact treat the nails as it contains moisturising aloe vera and kelp.

Home care for your OPI Gel
1. Wear gloves when washing the dishes or gardening.
2. If your nails were not in a good condition before the OPI gel, the gel will not last as long as it should; until your nails are healthy.
3. In order to have strong, healthy nails, you need to begin with the OPI Nail Envy, which will strengthen and repair nails. Use every second day by applying a thin layer and allow to dry.