Takara Treatments

We are busy adding the full list of Treatments you can spoil yourself with at Takara Wellness Centre. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please call us on Telephone: 043 748 1228, or click here to e-mail us

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Full Face R150
Brow Wax R65-00
Lip Wax R55-00
Chin Wax R30-00
Underarm R85-00
Bikini R100-00
Half Leg R130-00
Brazillian R160-00
Hollywood R200-00
Full Leg R180-00
Full Leg Including Bikini R200-00
Arms R120-00
Chest / Back R200-00


Brow Tint R45-00
Eyelash Tint R75-00


Remove Extensions R100-00
Fill R180-00
Full Set R250-00


Full Body R250-00
Body Scrub Including Tan R450-00


Little Hands Mini-Manicure (12years & Under) R 100-00 {30 minutes}
Express Manicure R120-00 {30 minutes}
Spa Manicure/French or Colour R190-00 {1hr}
Paraffin Manicure R200-00 {1hr}
Manicure with OPI Gel R250-00 {75 minutes}


Tiny Toes Mini-Pedicure (12years & Under) R100-00 {30 minutes}
Express Pedicure R120-00 {30 minutes}
Spa Pedicure/French or Colour R200-00 {1hr}
Paraffin Pedicure R240-00 {90 minutes}
Balsam Pedicure R230-00 {75 minutes}
Deluxe Pedicure (Including Mask) R250-00 {90 minutes}
Pedicure with OPI gel R300-00 {90 minutes}


Opi gel soak off R50-00
Soak Off (other Gels)R70-00
Soak Off with express manicure (no paint) R100
French or Colour on Nails R195
French or Colour on Toes R170


THERAVINE(TM) Appetizer facial
Experience an express Vinetherapy facial boost customised to your specific skin concerns in just 30 minutes
Cost: R200
Duration: 30 minutes

THERAVINE(TM) Balancing facial
A deep cleansing facial customised to gently remove surface impurities followed by a personalised mask while utilising selected aromatic botanicals for restoring balance to the skin
Cost: R320
Duration: 60 minutes

THERAVINE(TM) Hydrating facial
A facial designed for extreme relaxation with the aromatic scent of essential oils designed to deeply hydrate your skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion.
Cost: R 320
Duration: 60  minutes


THERAVINE(TM) Time care Eye Treatment
(During facial or individual treatment)
An intensive treatment resulting in the reduction of fine lines and easing of deeper wrinkles leaving your eyes fresh and rejuvenated.
Cost: R 220
Duration: 30  minutes

HydraVine(TM) 60 or 90
The perfect treatment for very dry sensitive skin needing intense hydration and a vitamin boost. This facial helps restore the skin’s hydro-lipidic film, by deeply hydrating skin with a revolutionary cloth mask and containing Hyaluronic Acid which intensely moisturises and “locks in” active ingredients for up to 3 weeks.
60 minutes
Cost: R 435
Duration: 60  minutes
90 minutes
Cost: R 475
Duration: 90  minutes


THERAVINE(TM) Anti-Ageing facial 60 or 90
The infinite replenishing treatment, assisting in reducing fine lines and wrinkles by implementing specialised boosters and serums to combat the signs of ageing. The products contain active peptides which help regenerate the skins collagen and elastin. A plasticizing paradox mask is applied to further enhance the actions of the active ingredients
60 minutes
Cost: R 460
Duration: 60  minutes
90 minutes
Cost: R 485
Duration: 90  minutes

THERAVINE(TM) Intensive Exfoliating facial
A professional skincare treatment containing a 70% Glycolic Acid recommended for mature, sun damaged wrinkled skins as well as deep acne scarring or other facial scarring. This peeling consists of a natural fruit acid of deeper concentration than enzyme peelings, but is still a safer alternative to harsh chemical peels and resurfacing treatments. A course of peels is recommended.
Cost: R 420
Duration: 60  minutes

UltraVine(TM) Advance Cellular Gold facial
The UltraVine(TM) Advance anti-ageing concept promotes the skins DNA repair system while creams, serums, and balms transport your skin to an advanced state of renewal and serenity. Our anti-ageing jewel, a collagen film mask imbedded with pure, soft 24K gold and sparkling diamond dust coupled with a concentrated serum infused with super-charged activities, will visibly tone, polish, and brighten the skin, leaving it glowing with illumination
Cost: R 550
Duration: 90  minutes

Pro-Youth Clarifying Facial
A specialised crisis specific treatment designed to target problematic skin types, helping clarify, purify and restore balance without dryness or irritation. Experience visible results for a clear complexion and a luminous, even skin tone.
Cost: R 250
Duration: 60  minutes


MelanoVine(TM) Pro-Brilliance Brightening Facial R490-00 {60 minutes}
Combining advanced technology with the latest skin brightening research advances delivered a unique facial treatment using specialised skin care techniques to provide effective and visible brightening results.
Ideal of a dull, devitalised skin with discolouration concerns, this treatment is specifically aimed at diminishing uneven skin tone while also minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Targeting hyperpigmentation at various levels with scientifically advanced actives and natural lightening plant extracts, this treatment will aid in a rehydrated complexion, leaving your skin looking luminous and feeling radiant.
MelanoVine(TM) Pro-Brilliance Mattifying Facial R490-00 {60 minutes} (available April)
This specialised active regulating treatment is ideal for environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented or problematic skin classifications. Should you experience hyperpigmentation or are more prone to oiliness, this treatment is potent in its approach to improve uneven skin tone while smoothing uneven skin texture yet simultaneously address the skin’s overprodution of oil and leaves the skin looking radiant and shine free.


Pro-Youth Hydra-Matte facial
A facial designed to keep your sensitive young skin shine free and moisturised. Deeply hydrating, it counteracts daily aggressors leaving you with a clear, healthy and radiant complexion
Cost: R 200
Duration: 45  minutes

Pro-Youth Clarifying facial
A specialized crisis specific treatment designed to target problematic skin types, helping clarify, purify and restore balance without dryness or irritation. Experience visible results for a clear complexion and a luminous, even skin tone
Cost: R 250
Duration: 60  minutes


AromaVine(TM) Relaxing Pinotage Massage R340 {60 minutes}
Tension melts away with our relaxing massage containing a synergistic blend of Cape Chamomile, Neroli and Lavender. Relax in complete tranquility.
AromaVine(TM) Uplifting Pinotage Massage R340 {60 minutes}
This luxurious, uplifting massage will transport you to state of energized vitality. A 100% natural blend of Grapessed, ClaySage, Rose and Jasmine oils. Pure delight.
AromaVine(TM) Soy Candle Massage R340 {30 minutes}
Designed as a complete body and wellbeing massage experience using 100% natural superior blend of plant waxes and butters. Infused with plant botanicals of Lime, Sweet Orange and Lemongrass, this massage does not only relax and restore your weary body but offers great moisturising, protective and healing skin care beneits.
AromaVine(TM) MusculaVine Back Massage R270 {45 minutes}
Intensive massage and muscle reconditioning techniques are used to help relieve muscular tension, followed by the application of a refreshing circulatory gel.


THERAVINE(TM) Body Buff Cleanse
A gentle all over body exfoliation, using grapeseeds in a botanical rich body cleansing cream. Feel invigorated and revitalized as your body is polished to a glowing perfection before receiving a body treatment.
Cost: R 200
Duration: 30  minutes


Purifying Body Clay Wrap Detox
Over time, unhealthy habits or casual negelct can leave us in real need of purification. A warm clay, which helps draw out impurities, smooth and clarify the skin by restoring purity to the body is applied. A detoxifying body oil containing Blue Mountain Sage, Basil, Juniper Berry and Rosemary will add to the breaking down and eliminations of toxins.
Cost: R 450
Duration: 90 minutes

Relaxing Body Cream Wrap
This luxurious treatment is recommended as an anti-stress treatment, with the emphasis placed on total relaxation. Enter into a darkened room, with soft relaxing music playing in the background and drift away as your therapist treats you to a “never to be forgotten experience”.
Cost: R 450
Duration: 90 minutes


Foot Massage
Cost: R 150
Duration: 30 minutes

Indian Head Massage
Cost: R 200
Duration: 30 minutes

Takara Trio (Back/Scalp/Foot) Massage
Cost: R 300
Duration: 60 minutes

Swedish Back and Neck Massage (Option 1)
Cost: R 250
Duration: 30 minute

Swedish Back and Neck Massage (Option 2)
Cost: R 280
Duration: 45 minute

Swedish Full Body Massage
Cost: R 345
Duration: 60 minutes

Sports Massage
Cost: R 350
Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: R 375
Duration: 90 minutes

Hot stone Therapy
Cost: R 360
Duration: 60 minutes

Couples Massage
Cost: R 650
Duration: 60 minutes


THERAVINE™ Men Daily Active Facial
Kick start the perfect skin management and re-energise tired skin with the
refreshing combination of cutting edge active extracts. The facial is based
on 3 key fundamentals: cleanse, hydrate and revitalise to restore
freshness and clarity whilst leaving the skin soothed from irritation caused
by shaving, and resistant to external assaults. Experience the immediate
and long-lasting visible result while your skin is enveloped in botanical
{60 minutes}

THERAVINE™ Men Clarifying Back Treatment
Fight the fatigue caused by long hours of work and combat the tension of
tired muscles. The THERAVINE™ Men Clarifying Back Treatment is aimed
at refining and purifying the skin whilst reviving tension areas on the
back, neck and shoulders. Experience the rebalancing effect of deep
cleansing exfoliation while detoxifying actives restore a weary mind,
bodyand soul.
{60 minutes}

THERAVINE(TM) Foot and Leg Treatments

THERAVINE™ Revitalising Foot Ritual
A soothing and revitalising treatment for sore, tired feet beginning with a
foot cleansing ritual, followed by a stimulating friction scrub. A
circulation-booster oil is then massaged into your feet followed by the
application of a refreshing gel wrap. Your treatment concludes with the
application of a luxurious foot lotion leaving your feet soft, smooth and
{45 minutes}

CirculaVine™ Leg Treatment
An invigorating foot and leg treatment combining manual lymphatic
drainage with a muscular aches and pains bosy oil blend. Your feet and
legs are then wrapped in a circulation-booster gel followed by the
application of a hydrating body lotion. This is the perfect treatment to
help relax and relieve tired, heavy legs.
{45 minutes}